World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2 – Are you looking for a new cricket game to play on your Android phone? World Cricket Championship 2 is the latest popular cricket game that you can download to enjoy cricket on your Android phone. Choose the team, throw the coin, play the hymns and the match is on. This latest Cricket game for Android comes with many of the latest features of the game, such as DRS. You will have to unlock them by winning the tournaments as you progress.

Multiple Cricket Tournament Modes

You can start your game day with a fast cricket game through a fast game mode. For a faster-paced cricket game, you can choose the Blitz Tournament. Classic games like ODI Series, Indian National Premier League and World Cup Cricket, World T20 Cup, are also fully updated and fun to play. Compared to other cricket games like Real Cricket, this game offers many more options.

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You can also challenge a friend to a cricket game on all your devices and enjoy two-player cricket in the World Cricket Championship 2. Gone are the days when you would get bored while playing against silly bowlers. The artificial intelligence of the bowler allows them to play with different lengths, variations, and speeds with greater precision. You will also observe it when you start hitting shots in only one direction. The AI of the WCC2 CPU fielders will begin to change the fieldsets according to the player’s abilities.

World Cricket Championship 2 Gameplay

Like bowlers, Fielders, and batters to have new skills. Batsman’s AI will guide them to reach the big six. While it is difficult to reach the limits, the CPU can quickly clear the ropes in the Cricket World Championship 2.

There is a great improvement in the field area. Now there will be more diving catches, direct hits, more accurate launching, diving field and much more. These new additions will allow the player to establish a manual and precise field placement. It will help you bowling according to your established field. You can make your own field plans and bowling according to them. Which improves the feeling of immersion of the game.

Users can also edit the skill and specialty of the player. Use this feature in the cricket world championship 2 to improve a player’s bowling and batting ability. As you perform better with each player, your skill level improves as you progress through the game.

All teams of the Cricket World Championship 2 are compatible with the latest equipment, including lists that can be customized accordingly. You can change comments and choose between Hindi and English. Customize and create players according to your taste.

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