Splash Cars Free Download

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Splash Cars Free Download

Tired of everyday gray? Color the world on a trip of a lifetime!

** More than 5 million downloads worldwide **
* It reached the TOP # 10 in most countries in the world, all thanks to you *

Team up with a friend or stranger and head into 2v2 paint battles. Splash Cars is a multiplayer game now!

There are more ways to win free cars, car paint jobs, blueprints and coins, and expand battery capacity. Plus, the multiplayer mode is solar powered, free of charge.

Riding in a splash car is exactly what you would expect. Funny! The paint comes out of your machine leaving a colorful trail.

But not everyone likes fun. The police are always watching you and will chase you to the end of the world, when they see you driving free. They want to arrest you for disturbing the established order.

Do not leave them! Be quick and break the chase. Now is your chance to fully express yourself through color and style.

Stand out from the crowd and enjoy the new looks.

* 2 vs 2 multiplayer games
* Two level league competitions
* Race for freedom of expression
* Choose your own style from a range of original paint carts
* Get away from the pack with custom paint jobs
* Grow the challenge of spicy art in new and constantly growing neighborhoods
* Use bohemian power-ups to sabotage cops and oversize your car
* Convert public servants to help you in your cause

You are special. You freed yourself from the shackles of conformity. You also have the power to free other people.

Splash Cars 1.5.09 Update
Splash Cars now on your Android TV!
Use your controller to drive Splash Cars and enjoy the game on your big screen in incredible 60 FPS.
Enjoy leaderboards, 2v2 multiplayer and intense action in the comfort of your couch.

Happy painting career!

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