Free Download Xender – Transfer Files

Free Download Xender – Transfer Files

Free Download Xender – Xender is a file transfer and sharing application for Android users. It allows users to transfer and share files faster without relying on the Internet or mobile data. Xender comes with a built-in file manager. It is compatible with operating systems such as Android, IOS, Tizen, Windows, PC and Mac. SHAREit is also a similar type of application, if you are not satisfied, check it out.

The following are some of the key aspects of Xender.

  • Share files of any type anywhere, anytime easily.
  • No mobile date required to share and transfer.
  • It has 200 times the speed of normal Bluetooth.
  • No USB connection or PC software installation required.
  • Play all video and audio files.

Main Features:

Some of the features of Xender are as follows.

  • An ultrafast file exchange of up to 40 MB / s.
  • Send all kinds of files, be they documents, music, images, videos or even other applications.
  • Transfer files without the use of any cable, internet or data usage.
  • Easily transfer files from the old device to the new device using Smart Switch Mobile. In addition, SMS and contact along with other data can be easily transferred.
  • Built in the file manager that allows you to view the files and can move and even delete the files. In addition, the user can also make a backup of the files to clean them when they have time.
  • It supports multiple languages.

Why is Xender so fast?

The Xender application uses direct WiFi technology that allows two devices to communicate via WiFi (point-to-point) with a device that acts as a WiFi provider. In simple terms, the devices exchange data through the local WiFi point created by one of the devices. It does not require that both devices support direct Wi-Fi. Only one is enough, the other can connect to this device just as it connects to any other WiFi access point.

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