Critical Ops – First Person Shooting Game

Critical Ops – First Person Shooting Game

Critical Ops – Critical Ops is the first-person shooter game of 3D multiplayer style building for Android. Experience a game where quick reflexes and tactical skills are necessary for the success of the mission objectives.

Critical Ops presents an FPS game that offers players to play through well-designed maps in challenging modes. Direct a solo marker or form a sibling band. Fight as a member of the Gap or Coalition.


Below are the features of Critical Ops:

  • 3 different challenging modes:
    Disabled mode: in this mode, there are 2 teams and 2 goals. The first team is trying to plant a bomb and defend it until it explodes. The other team is trying to disable it.
    Team Deathmatch: the mode offers a timed Deathmatch in which two teams fight.
    Weapon game: 2 teams face each other with each player working their way in the match with all available weapons. Same as Gangstar Vegas.
  • Other game modes:
    Fast games: play in all available game modes in games with players of the same skill level.
    Classified games: the mode is an adaptation of the Disable mode where each team competes for points while ensuring their rank.
    Custom game: allows the player to play in a classic mode where he can join or host a room for any game mode. The user can protect the group with a password.

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